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От 1 455 000.00
2 Days
Available : 01.06.2019 - 31.08.2019
Восточный Казахстан
Min People : 2
Max People : 8
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Tour Program Includes
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Cost of the tour 1 455 000.00 The whole tour
Time of activity of round Date of arrival
01.06.2019 - 31.08.2019 Any day

Program of round

We will meet you at the hotel in Ust-Kamenogorsk city and go to the helipad. After boarding, we will leave and head in the direction of the rich natural wonders of the Katon-Karagay district. Flying along the border of Kazakhstan and Russia, we will enjoy the bird's eye view of the southern Altai. Bukhtarma reservoir, many rivers and picturesque mountain lake of Yazev will be undr us. The first landing awaits us on the site at the famous Roerich stone. It is believed that the famous artist has created his paintings depicting Belukha mountain while sitting on it. The site view of the snow-white beauty, the source of many beliefs, is really exciting. It feels like this place is soaked with energy. According to the beliefs of many Altai residents, the fabulous land of Shangri-La was hidden somewhere here in the Belukha area. Another name for a small rock of this hill is the Stone of Desires. Many tourists, making a pilgrimage to the greatest mountain of Altai, fall to a stone and share the most intimate wishes. People say that they will come true. If the weather allows, we will have the opportunity to climb the glacier, where you can see the entire valley at the foot of Belukha. You can take some great pictures. Later on we will fly to a raging waterfall near Kokkol lake. Here we will not only admire the beauty of stormy erupting streams, but will also breathe good ionized air. The waterfall, soaring at the foot of millions of tiny splashes, creates a rainbow in the sun and saturates the space with water particles. It is never hot in here. Despite the roar of the waterfall, this place is filled with peace and appeasement. Next, we will dive into history. We will fly to the museum complex located on the site of barrows' excavations of Saka kings near the village of Berel. This historical monument belongs to the IV-III centuries BC. It is notable for the fact that a lot of items have been found during excavations that testify to the wealth and luxury of the buried ones. Both items and bodies are perfectly preserved due to the long-term permafrost formed under the stone masonry of barrows. Saka culture is rich and diverse. The famous animal style in jewelry and decoration is associated with its development. But we will head to the next point of our journey – Burkhat pass. There you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the green valley, which pierces the Staroustrian road. Captured on the fields of World War I soldiers of Austria built a way connecting Katon-Karagay and Kurchum districts at the beginning of the last century. Following its builders, the road has received its current name to this day. Also the panorama captures the view of the Bukhtarma river valley. Leaving this picturesque corner, we will fly to the airdrome near the village of Katon-Karagay. While the helicopter refuels, we will have the opportunity to look around and get acquainted with the settlement closer. Later on we will go back to Ust-Kamenogorsk. However, if we decide to extend our air travel for another day, we will go straight to the rest area, where we will stay for the night. A number of useful treatments are available at an additional cost.
We will leave the village of Katon-Karagai by helicopter and enjoy the mountain peaks covered with coniferous forests and amazing Markakol lake. In order to see this natural wonder, we will land on the shore of the Kaldzhir riverhead. The beauty of the lake is evidenced by the words of the famous traveler, naturalist, hunter, expert and researcher of Altai N. I. Yablonsky: “Just having a little flashback of the marvelous beauty of this large lake in the mountains of the southern Altai, I am involuntarily drawn again to a wonderful corner of the world, to this earthly paradise. I would give a lot, I would sacrifice much to be able to go there again and settle there for life, without special needs and losses. I have never seen a more picturesque place, a more amazing mountain lake anywhere, and I have been travelling a lot in my life.... During my life in the southern Altai, I visited Markakol lake several times - I was there in spring, summer and late fall; and each time I enjoyed it excitingly and could never stop looking at it, every time I did not want to leave it”. We will have plenty of time to agree with the words of Yablonsky. We will be able to explore the shores of Kaldzhir and Markakol. If anyone wants, we will be able to plunge into the cool waters of one of the largest reservoirs of Altai. As much as we would like to stay, we will have to fly to the next destination. During flight we will be able to photograph the latitudes of the Bukhtarma reservoir. We will make a few laps over the stone “Sphinx” near the village of Izgutty Aitykov. Further we will land near the ancient astronomical complex of Akbaur. Here we will observe writings and petroglyphs of the stone age, places where our ancestors held diverse religious ceremonies; remains of prehistoric observatories, where primitive people were observing the stars. This concludes our two-day helicopter tour. We will again get to the helipad in Ust-Kamenogorsk city and there we are going to say goodbye in order to meet once again in the beautiful nature of East Kazakhstan.


  • Number of People in Group: 2 - 8
  • What to Take: clothes for hot and cool weather, swimming accessories, backpack, tracking shoes, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment, fishing gear (in case of a 2-day tour).
  • Meal: 3-times food, is included in cost

The rhythm of modern life is very high. Free time is sometimes barely enough to communicate with loved ones, hobbies, leisure. We offer an opportunity to visit the main natural and historical sights of the Kazakh part of Altai in a short time. In just one or two days you will be able to visit the foothills of the highest peaks of Katon-Karagay district of East Kazakhstan region – Belukha mountains. This place is saturated with energy and will allow you to recharge with positive emotions for a long time. Kokkol waterfall will allow you to breathe the ionized healing air. From Burkhat pass you can see the magnificent valley of the Bukhtarma river and landscapes of the Staroustrian road. The beauty of the Markakol shores will not leave anyone indifferent. At last, observing the splendor of the southern Altai from a bird's eye view will leave an indelible impression of a short but exciting journey


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