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От 86 000.00
4 Days
Available : 01.06.2019 - 31.08.2019
Восточный Казахстан
Min People : 40
Max People : 100
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Tour Program Includes
Naming Price Time
Cost of the tour 86 000.00 The whole tour
Time of activity of round Date of arrival
01.06.2019 - 31.08.2019 Any day

Program of round

Our little journey will begin at the border checkpoint of Maikapchagai-Zimunai. Here we will meet a group of tourists from the People's Republic of China and move by comfortable bus to Zaisan city – district administrative center. After accommodation in the Rakhat hotel, we together with our guests will take a walk through the city parks, get acquainted with the daily life of Zaisan residents and visit the regional museum. Today's museum fund consists of more than seven thousand exhibits and documentary materials. The museum has several exhibitions: you can get acquainted with the naturalistic sights of the region, its features in the hall called “Natural”, ethnographic hall will tell about the ancient culture of the people, formation of traditions. The modern hall is dedicated to the present day of the district. After getting acquainted with the history of the region, we will invite our guests to the recreation area “Baiterek”, where everyone will get a rest in the forest and get introduced with the national Kazakh cuisine and traditional tea.
On the second day we will travel to Saur mountains. We will get by bus to the pheasant farm near the village of Zhanaturmys. Pheasant farm was established in 2016 under the joint project of the “Aika” farm by Aelita Akhmetsalimkyzy and UNDP Kazakhstan on maintaining sustainable development of fauna population in Saur mountains. On the farm you can observe and take pictures of representatives of one of the most beautiful bird subspecies – the Semirechensk pheasant. In the wild, this species is quite difficult to observe because of its timid nature. Then we will have an easy mountain walk to the tourist camp in Small Jemeney ecosite. Upon arrival at the camp our guests will find a small concert. The program includes national music and folk dances. In their spare time, everyone will have the opportunity to explore the mountains surrounding the camp. Moreover, you will be able to ride horses or try hand at the shooting range for an additional fee. In the evening we will all return to the “Rakhat” hotel.
We will offer two options how to spend the third day of travel in Zaisan district. The first option: rest on the shore of the warm Zaisan lake, where you can either swim and sunbathe, or test yourself as a sport angler. The second option: visit the famous barrows of Shilikty valley and the gallery of petroglyphs under the open sky. The first is known for the fact that here, in the graves of influential Saka nobles, the third armor of the Golden man has been found on the territory of Kazakhstan. Petroglyphs called Okey, in turn, tell about the life of the inhabitants of these places. Ancient artists have tried to convey their customs, traditions, methods of food delivery and much more. Regardless of the selected option, in the evening buses will take tourists to the cozy rooms of “Rakhat” hotel.
After square breakfast, we will again take the bus and head to the border checkpoint of Maikapchagai-Zimunai. Our little adventure in East Kazakhstan will come to its end.


  • Number of People in Group: 40 - 100
  • What to Take: clothes for hot and cool weather, swimming accessories, backpack, tracking shoes, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment, fishing gear
  • Meal: 3-times food, is included in cost

The border checkpoint of Maikapchagai-Zimunai – Zaisan city – Small Jemeney ecosite – Zaisan lake – (Okey petroglyphs – Shilikty valley) – border checkpoint of Maikapchagai-Zimunai


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